Jankowski won the third stage of cancer

Янковский победил третью стадию рака

The famous actor said that the treatment was successful!

In September last year, Philip Jankowski announced the bad news: it turned out the actor for a year struggling with cancer, which seven years ago took the life of his father, Oleg Yankovsky.

For the first time Phillip complained of health problems in 2009. Then he was diagnosed with “follicular lymphoma”, but the actor left the treatment. Health has deteriorated in the summer of 2014, and he was hospitalized with the diagnosis “follicular lymphoma IIIA”. This disease is accompanied by occurrence of asymptomatic in the early stages, and then weight loss and fever. In the end, Jankowski, Jr. had to undergo several courses of chemotherapy, after which he was restored to power in Israel.

Finally the treatment was over, and, as it became known, the course was more than successful. 48-year-old actor said that he beat cancer!

“Thank you, you caring people and very kind to me. I am very glad and happy, I will continue to work and will try to please you. We all have different diagnoses, but I with God’s help and with the help of doctors managed to overcome the disease. Thank you for your attention. I recovered, and it is a great joy. Thank you for such good things draw attention. I love you all and thank you all. Thank you,” he asked Philip to fans, according to Life.

Jankowski said that he was grateful to God that it all ended and, despite a busy schedule, going to carefully monitor the health.