Just be calm! You will operate… robot-gynecologist

Только спокойствие! Тебя прооперирует... робот-гинеколог

How to assure doctors, afraid of artificial surgeons do not need to: they conduct operations better than real people.

Until then walked progress! As reported by the Western media, in the Elmhurst hospital in new York appeared robot-gynecologist named da Vinci, the duties of which include performing surgery such as removing suspicious lesions.

According to the head of Department of gynecology hospital Dr. Barry brown, artificial surgeon, there is a clear advantage over a human: it makes transactions more precisely, they are less painful, the patient loses less blood, and the risk of infection is significantly reduced. “If for some interventions had to be held in the hospital for a whole week, now you can do one day,” says Dr. brown.

By the way, in our country, robotic surgeons are already successfully applied. In March of this year such equipment has been equipped with Saint-Petersburg SSMIC them. V. A. Almazov. First da Vinci had performed a simple surgery and now he has trust complex, for example, he operates complicated by endometriosis.

Those who are afraid to trust the health technique, you can reassure for watching doctor who controls the robot using a computer. And he repeats the movements of a living person. The artificial surgeon is not tired and there is no risk that during the operation his hand tremble.

And you could trust your health to a robot?

  • Why not! Today, technology is not capable of such
  • Only if the doctor will convince that there is no danger
  • I question and explore the issue online. I see at least one negative review – just give up
  • Robots act according to a given program. But if an extraordinary situation? I am against
  • For any price!
  • As soon as offered, will faint
  • Other (write in comments)