Janet Jackson left her husband three months after giving birth

Джанет Джексон ушла от мужа через три месяца после родов
50-year-old singer was left with a small child in her arms.

Janet Jackson and Wissam al man


As it became known,
singer Janet Jackson has decided to part with her husband
a billionaire from Qatar — Wissam al Mana. The reason why the singer
decided to complete his five-year marriage, not reported.

According to the official
version, Wissam and Janet broke up peacefully, and intend to maintain friendly
relations and work together to raise her son Asso.
But the last 2 years there were rumors that Janet was suffering from
dictatorial wife didn’t break up with him only because he had a dream
to give birth to the man she once loved so much, baby. However, after
as Jackson finally managed to get pregnant at 49 years old that she is Nabal “real
miracle”, things got worse. How to claim friend Janet, her husband started
to control virtually every step. He forbade Jackson to appear on
public without full Muslim clothing and let her contact with

And after
January of this year was born the first-born Janet — son Asa, Wissam
almost completely isolated his wife from her family members. And
some point Janet decided to live on it can not and does not want.

Now, as expected, spouses have a very difficult
the process of divorce. First,
nothing is known about the existence of the couple has a prenup. This means that
have a section the enormous state of Wissam, which is estimated at a billion dollars
more. While Janet, who during his career also had a good idea
to earn, yet almost 4 times poorer
her husband. Besides, it is not clear whether al Mana your mind and do not want
he to fight for custody of his son. And in this case, the divorce can develop into
real battle, as it has repeatedly happened for the last time
divorcing celebrities.