“Deadpool” has become the most profitable blockbuster of 2016

«Дэдпул» стал самым прибыльным блокбастером 2016 года

Blockbuster “Deadpool” has become one of the most notorious of the past year. The film premiered in February of 2016, but talking about painting is still not cease. At the moment, they relate to two subjects: the sequel to the superhero movie and box office receipts.

The magazine Deadline decided to count how many brought to its creators, “Deadpool” and determine whether he was able to get ahead of other movies.

Total profit “Deadpool” minus production costs and advertising campaign amounted to 322,24 million dollars. For comparison, profit of “the First Avenger 3” $ 193,4 million dollars, and profit “Batman vs. Superman” — the 105.7 million. So “Deadpool” was the most profitable superhero blockbuster and also took 2nd place in the overall rankings for the most lucrative Hollywood projects 2016 (1 place – “the secret life of Pets” with a profit 374,65 million dollars).

Note that at least anticipated movies of 2016 was “X-Men: Apocalypse,” “Doctor strange” and “X-Men”, but they failed even to come close to that mark, which was a “Deadpool”: “suicide Squad” and “Doctor strange” — ranked the most profitable films 10 and 11, respectively, and the only kinokamera, which is in the top 20 was not hit at all, was “X-Men: Apocalypse”.

We will remind, in the beginning of March was presented the first teaser of the new “Deadpool”.