Lyubov Tolkalina commented on the rumors about the affair with Boris Grebenshikov

Любовь Толкалина прокомментировала слухи о романе с Борисом Гребенщиковым

Some time ago the Lyubov Tolkalina and Yegor Konchalovsky said that for several years they do not associate romantic feelings. Two weeks ago, Egor became the hero of the program, Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret to a million”, which said that the decision to part with Tolkalina was taken 7 years ago and now his heart is occupied by another woman.

Recently, some Russian media said that Love had an affair with a famous musician Boris Grebenshchikov.

According to publications, confirmation of novel 39-year-old actress and the 63-year-old actor is a frequent joint pastime.

The actress often see the Grebenshikov concerts in different cities, but when the actress posted instagram videos with performances of Boris, subscribers asked the questions: “Not too often do you come to concerts BG?” But Love leaves without comments such a “provocation.”

Long silent on the topic of Love novel did not consider it necessary, because today commented on the situation. “Strange what information and interpretation. We have known for over 8 years, and I grew up listening to “Aquarium”. Information about the novel… Just someone’s narrow-minded interpretation,” said Love.

By the way, about the relationship with Konchalovsky Love, too, found something to say. Tolkalina said that with Egor as they were a family, and have remained: “We have been together, and remain, just in a different status. Ceasing to be a family, we’re still friends, continue to communicate, we have a growing daughter Mary. This interview is about that relationship after a breakup is not the end. For me, life is unimaginable without Egor — I never cease to love him, though somewhat differently.”