Little son Valeriya Lanskaya put on a show in the Mall

Маленький сын Валерии Ланской устроил шоу в торговом центре
The actress complained of one-year-old Artemis.

Son Valeriya Lanskaya — Artemy

Photo: @valerielanskaya Instagram Valeria Lanskaya

Valeriya Lanskaya has experienced recently a difficult test called “haircut of a restless child.” Actress with a small Artemije visited for the first time in a Barber shop and shared their impressions with followers.

Valeria honest about the fact that the process of creating the haircut was accompanied by a show that gave her her son. Artem is now at the peak “restless” age. As a result, the wizard had to run before to do their job.

“Today is the first time we got a haircut at the Barber! As the adults! It was…. something! Artemiy Stanislavovich, standing quietly, survived for only 2 minutes. Further staged show! Was running around the Mall, and a wonderful hairdresser had to be worn with the instruments behind him, without losing hope, it will stay still even for a few seconds. In the end, the haircut took about an hour… but it ended wonderfully! We now Aki Angel!” — said Valery.

Valeria, despite being very busy, masterfully combines motherhood with work. “I’m trying to build a schedule so as to spend more time with the child. If one day work load, following a whole will spend with my son. Well, when I’m not home with him my favorite and close people that I trust. And all are willing to adjust their plans and work schedules under the Theme!” — told Lanskaya