Jamie Foxx threw Katie Holmes!

Джейми Фокс бросил Кэти Холмс!
The ex-wife of Tom cruise free again.

Джейми Фокс бросил Кэти Холмс!

Katie Holmes

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Jamie Foxx

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Katie Holmes decided
to interrupt your classified novel
with actor Jamie Foxx. As claimed, this decision was taken after a
a number of quarrels. The last one was when Kathy and Jamie at least the next year “to come out of the shadows”,
is to make their affair public. And then, to the surprise of Holmes, Jamie strongly
refused… this was reported by a reporter for the online website Radar. online.

Katie and Jamie were first seen together in the summer of 2013 when they were dancing embracing
at a party in the Hamptons. Since then, the paparazzi managed only a few times
to catch them at a secret rendezvous, to which Holmes went to the make-up and wig.
And only a couple of times Katie has appeared in public Fox not hiding, as it was on
the party on the occasion of his birthday, held in December last year.

Some time ago it became known why
Holmes and Fox so carefully hid their relationship. As it turned out, according to
agreement Katie with her Tom cruise divorce, her ex-husband
agreed to pay her personally, in addition to 4, 8 million for the maintenance of the daughter, 5
million. But only if for 5 years, Katie will not enter into
public relations with a new partner. That is, Holmes and Fox certainly need
was hold out until next summer.

However, not all went as it was
planned. First, Jamie allowed himself at a party flirting with
unidentified hottie. And then hurt by his behavior Katie allowed herself
flirt in public with actor Joshua Jackson — solely for revenge
Fox. They started to quarrel … And Katie
offered Jamie an ultimatum: either they stipulated in her contract term begin
to meet openly and are planning a wedding, or they should break up. The Reaction Of The Fox
caught Katie by surprise: he said he wasn’t ready to settle down, and they should go
each on her own path.