Мэл Гибсон прокомментировал беременность своей молодой подруги
The actor is preparing to become a father for the ninth time.

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross

60-year-old Mel Gibson will soon be a ninth child, became known around
about a month ago. But only now the actor has shared that he feels in anticipation of the appearance
in the light of another “Chad”. In this case, the actor spoke extremely frankly: “the Child?
So what? Just one more — what’s the difference? I may have too
old to experience the excitement on this occasion. Perhaps I have left
not enough adrenaline. When I heard the news, she almost did not react!” — said the actor during his last interview. This was reported by the website contactmusic.com.

For the fate
their unborn child Gibson absolutely don’t care, because it yet
that unborn offspring will be a wonderful mother – in the face of his girlfriend’s 26-year-old
Rosalinde Ross, the former rider-acrobats-turned on
screenwriter. According to Mel, the education of the young generation mothers
belongs to a much more important role than the father. “Children almost completely
depend on my mom. Father, of course, also contributes, but the role of the mother
much more important and harder!” – said the actor.

This conclusion
Gibson, apparently, made from personal experience. After all, before
meet Rosalind, he managed to raise seven children with his
ex-wife Robyn Moore, with whom he lived in wedlock 26 years. And after
this has become father daughter Lucia, who was born to him by his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.
With Oksana Gibson parted ways with the great scandal after she accused
his beatings. Since then, however, the passion in their relationship subsided a bit. And Mel regularly holds
time with my daughter, which will soon be 7 years.