Jamie Dornan said that the sequel to “50 shades of grey” he’s not coming back

Джейми Дорнан заявил, что в продолжение «50 оттенков серого» он не вернется

Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Renee Zellweger in her time starring in films that had a big hype among the public, become hostage to one role.

The fate of these stars has a chance to repeat Jamie Dornan. Realizing on the screen the image of a young billionaire with a few specific sexual taste, the actor most viewers now associate exclusively with this image.

In Jamie plans to develop further and to try to establish itself in the movie as a multilateral actor, because, says Dornan, his trikvela “50 shades” is gone.

“We shot two movies in a row, and I finished the job,” said Jamie Dornan in an interview with The Sun. “Fifty shades of” I’m finished forever.”

The premiere of the second part of the trilogy – “fifty shades darker” — will take place in February 2017, the last part, “Fifty shades freed” will be released in February 2018. And the Creator of the original series of novels, meanwhile, in 2015 released the fourth book is “grey” so that, theoretically, the Universal do have the ability to “extend” the franchise at least one movie. The decision regarding this will be made in a couple of years. It turns out that Dornan is the time to reveal his acting talent.

If he can’t do, it seems to us, Jamie will again take up the lash in the continuation of “hints” to remind myself.