Энн Хэтэуэй заинтересована в спин-оффе «Женщины-кошки»

“The dark knight: the legend” revealed the actress Anne Hathaway. Probably thanks to this film we finally realized that Anne is capable of many reincarnations, she’s not a hostage drama or Comedy movie.

As admitted itself recently Hathaway, she is in great delight at the things that made DC, which the actress became Catwoman. Because Ann sees nothing wrong with getting back to try this seductive costume.

The actress said that she is ready to star in the spin-off of “the Dark knight”, which would be told about the Woman-cat.

I love this character, “said the actress in an interview with Variety. —From the filming of “the legend” I have the most pleasant memories. I really like the universe DC, and therefore I would like to play Selina Kyle. I don’t know if it’s because my character was a part of the history of Christopher Nolan, which has already come to its logical conclusion“.

While Ann said that she is happy to share the lessons learned, if bossesWB wants to find a new performer of this role.