Тейлор Свифт назвали клоном известной сатанистки

Several Hollywood celebrities, thanks to his fans and other active Network users found in the past its clones. The best known is perhaps the counterpart of Nicolas Card.

Such messages do not carry anything bad, but Taylor swift is in this case not to be envied.

Internet users finally decided whether the famous blonde reflection in the past and concluded that the swift copy of the famous Satanist of the LaVey Zina.

Followers of a popular web of conspiracy theories say that the apparent similarity of the swift with the ideology of the cult is no accident: in their opinion, the world-famous singer — clone LaVey.

“Actually, Taylor swift is a clone made by the Illuminati from the DNA Zina LaVey, known in 1985, the Satanist,” said the twitter user @fuckthtx.

Note that this theory sounds even more plausible than assumptions of some users who believe that Taylor is the reincarnation of a Satanist. It is impossible by any laws, since LaVey is still alive and well, though, and declares itself as loud as before.

What if LaVey really is the mother of Taylor, who refused to daughter immediately after birth?…