Что делать если у ребенка плохие оценки?

Buy your kid a school uniform, lightweight but very durable satchel, a thick stack of various notebooks, pens of all colors and shapes, coloured and simple pencils, you legitimately believe that fully prepared the child for the new school year. After all these purchases, the child is simply obliged to please their parents high positive ratings, because he’s the smartest, most developed, most intelligent and, of course, the most well-read!
Suddenly the diary “-the most well-read” begin a negative mark. What to do in this (not very pleasant) situation? To abuse the child? But you know that he tried. Punish the child? Very silly. You can even discourage to go to school. To go to deal with teachers? The number of bad ratings will only increase. To give a bribe? And this is already a crime.
One way out: take on Board the advice of experienced psychologists who will tell you what to do if a child receives a negative evaluation.

The Council first. First you need to calm down, because you got f’s in school. Note that the negative level of blame or punishment is not desirable. Surprised? And for good reason. After the punishment the child will try to hide all subsequent poor grades. And growing up, going to hide and other life problems.
If bad grades the child receives occasionally, nothing to worry about anything not worth it.
The second tip. If the deterioration in education, the child is too obvious, need to carefully analyze the situation. Not too difficult school program? If so, consider involving a tutor. Although very often the child may receive negative assessments because of basic negligence.
The third Council. Perhaps the poor grades is the result of banal laziness. Yeah, laziness is not an “adult” disease, but a universal one and your child also has a right to mistakes. Talk to him, watch how he does homework, support it.
The fourth Board. Learn how to motivate your child. Explain to him that the stock of knowledge which he acquires in (elementary, middle, high) school will benefit my whole life. To enhance the motivational effect, you can promise your child a trip to summer camp, a new Bicycle or computer game, for example, games for girls coolgirlsgames.ru.
The fifth Council. It is possible that your child just did not work out the relationship with the teacher. Do not tune directly on the “war” and try to figure out all the details. Act calmly, but firmly. Use parent meetings, individual talks with the teacher, “secret” hike to the Director, in order to change the situation in favor of the child.