Тимати будет готовить необычные бургеры на заказ

Such places fast food has never been in the world!

Timothy, as you know, is not only a musician but also an entrepreneur. He has a clothing brand Black Star Wear, and will soon open a restaurant Black Star Burger on Novy Arbat, where you can eat burgers from fresh meat or without meat (have a vegetarian menu!). But the main thing – all products of which will be to prepare dishes that do not contain GMOs.

Another feature of the institution is a special black gloves that are provided along with the burgers. Due to their hands not only get dirty in the sauce, but would not smell after the meal.

The opening day of the restaurant will be held in the coming days. And at the presentation, Timothy will cook burgers myself. Yes, and for free!

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“We prepared the project Black Star Burger about a year… the day of the official opening I will prepare myself!!! And to feed everyone for FREE!!! All products are organic, all natural meat, only Russian manufacturer! No GMO and no deep freeze!!! All fresh and natural. Their own cakes and their recipes and sauces. Halal bacon (beef), no pork, all in truffle oil. A separate vegetarian menu!” – told Timothy in his microblog.

Prices Burger rapper pretty loyal. For example, the classic chicken Burger with will cost 250 rubles.

It is also worth noting that Burger on Novy Arbat is just the beginning. After a while Timothy will open their restaurants in other parts of Moscow, and then will get to regions.

“This is the first pilot on Novy Arbat, d. 15 – more more!!! Soon Black Star Burger in your city!!!” – said the actor.

Video posted by Black Star (@timatiofficial) Saint 9 2016 at 2:10 PDT