По фильтрам к фотографиям можно определить депрессию

It appears, “Instagram” – a useful thing. Look closely at how people treated your photo, and you will be able to tell which he is now the mood.

You leaf through the ” friends “Instagram” and do not think that by how man treats his photography, there is much to say about it. For example, I saw a black and white picture – not admire, and sound an alarm: the filter, according to experts, a sure sign of depression!

To such conclusion scientists from Harvard and Vermont universities, 44 analyzing the thousands of photos posted 166 different users. In 70% of cases their assumptions coincided with the diagnosis, which would put the doctor saw the patient alive.

Stars that don’t seem in the mood

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Now explain what is meant. It turns out, the photograph does not have to look at the expression, pose and objects, that doesn’t matter. A major role, according to psychologists, is the color gamma. It is the choice of colors in the process of editing the image says about what your mood. To understand the technology, you may like this therapist, to diagnose on the photo! At least the depression we have to learn to identify.

The most loyal of her signs are blue-grey and black-and-white filters. And we used to think that the photos are b/W is cool! No, think about it and analyze its state at the time when you wanted to lay out just such a photo.

And yet scientists urge not to consider them the ultimate truth. At this stage, their method is not intended for use in clinical practice. However, it can be used in order to early detect potentially emerging depression.