Джеймс Блант о хите You’re Beautiful, армии и свадьбе принца Гарри

May 15 James blunt visited St. Petersburg, where he performed with his hits, and may 16 took to the stage of the Moscow “Crocus city Hall”. On this occasion, journalists from Hello! interviewed the singer, where he talked about the hit 14-year-old, serve in the army and the wedding of Prince Harry.

Джеймс Блант о хите You’re Beautiful, армии и свадьбе принца Гарри

James song You’re Beautiful was named a hit. Still it was a particular thrill in the soul of listeners. They associate it with the song blunt’s 14-year-old that the singer finds amusing. You may not know what exactly that song was. “The song is actually about a guy-Stalker, who follows the girl, and then settles scores with life. It is rather strange to consider it romantic, agree? On the other hand, I know that many people listened to it during pivotal moments in life: the beginning of relations, weddings. So I was not hurt. Once again play this song I don’t mind”.

Blunt served for six years, although in the UK it’s not necessary. Says the singer, his family, all men were in the army. “In addition, military salaries paid for my expenses to study and preparation and a certain social circle has largely shaped me. Many of my songs were written during the service. And I had gone there because from the age of 14 wanted to make music and at some point I realized that if I don’t try to fulfill his dream now, I’ll regret it for the rest of your life. And quit”.

The contractor even guarded herself Elizabeth II. “I performed these duties for three years, wore a special uniform, the plume, the hat — all that you’ve seen the Royal guard in London. And the Queen… she was just standing around.”

Blunt has a lot in common with the Royal family: his wife is a granddaughter of the eighth Duke of Wellington. During the service the Queen, James got his friend Prince Harry. However, to perform at his wedding from blunt does not work, because he will be on tour and not physically have time to come to the wedding Harry and Megan 19 th. The actor said that if I attended a friend’s wedding, we sang the song Time Of Our Lives from the last album. “Call it a wedding. But this is only one of the options”.

New artist album more rhythmic than romantic, as it was before. Blunt notes that sooner or later he would have changed his style. “I just released four romantic records and knew it was time to change: to stop being just a guy with a guitar singing sad songs. I myself have changed — mellowed, became a father (in 2014, James married lawyer Sofia Wellesley, and in 2016, the couple had a son — Ed.). And so I did two years recorded a new album with his friends — ed Sheeran and Ryan Tedder from One Republic. The result was a new sound, which I hope will appeal to my listeners. And don’t worry, old hits at the concert you will also hear.”