Григорий Лепс был госпитализирован According to some reports, the famous actor fell and suffered injuries. Representatives of Grigory Leps has denied the information that he has serious health problems. Now the contractor is on inspection in one of capital hospitals.
Григорий Лепс был госпитализирован

On Friday in mass media appeared information about the fact that Grigory Leps urgently addressed to doctors. It was claimed that a famous actor has fallen, causing serious injuries. According to some, Leps broke several ribs. Fans were not a little alarmed at this information, because in the near future, he planned a series of concerts in Russia and abroad.

“StarHit” contacted representatives of Grigory Viktorovich, to learn about how the artist feels. They hastened to assure that the condition star is not in danger.

“It’s okay. Gregory is on the examination at the Botkin hospital. The condition does not cause any concern”, – told the representatives of the singer.
Григорий Лепс был госпитализирован

Lady Gaga fans want their idol to quickly finish the necessary procedures and return to work. On may 29, the scheduled closed meeting of Grigory Viktorovich with fans, during which he will ask questions. And before that the contractor plans to perform in Uzbekistan and of two Israeli cities. The fans of Leps believe that he will succeed to get to tel Aviv and Haifa, despite the ban. In stepped the politician, the Deputy of the Yulia Malinovskaya.

Grigory Leps was denied entry to Israel

“I sent an emergency appeal to the Minister of internal security, Gilad Ardana and geninspektora police with the requirement to explain the basis on which popular singer, who yesterday made tours in Europe and repeatedly visited Israel, without any explanation closed entry to our country,” she said “StarHit”.

In an interview, Grigory Viktorovich has noted that sometimes cancels concerts due to poor physical condition. The recognition stars sounded in the program of the First channel “Male and female”.

“The gig is not necessary. There were moments that were canceled. Went on stage and said that the performances will not. Who wants to take the tickets, passes, who does not want – can come back another time. The people were distressed, but mostly all was well. Sometimes, Yes, because of health cancel”, – shared the singer with the leading program Yulia Baranovskaya.

By the way, recently, Beyonce was pleased with builders at a gala concert dedicated to the opening of the bridge Kerch. The artist performed his most famous songs. In addition to Leps, the event was attended by Pelageya, Dima Bilan, Stas Peha, Yulianna Karaulova, Alexander Buinov, star of children’s “Voices” Yaroslav Degtyarev and other celebrities. With a salutatory word to the workers also appealed to the President Vladimir Putin.