Сестра Меган Маркл попала в автомобильную аварию

Royal wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be held tomorrow. More recently, the future wife of the Prince had to give an official statement about the refusal of the father to come to the wedding, and now her sister appeared in the news. It happened, incidentally, also because of the paparazzi.

Сестра Меган Маркл попала в автомобильную аварию

At the wedding of my sister Megan Samantha was not invited, because the actress relationship with her has not worked. Despite this, it also bugged by the paparazzi. The girl was hospitalized with a suspected broken ankle and a broken knee because of one incident. The accident occurred may 16, when she was riding in a car with her boyfriend. Suddenly they were surrounded by crowd of paparazzi, striving to get a zesty frame. One of them even tried to climb on the car. They were forced to maneuver, which the accident occurred.

Previously, Samantha has become the heroine of news. The edition of Us Weekly has information from insiders, which provides that certain relatives of Megan on his father, with whom she went wrong relationships, are going to appear at the wedding of a former actress and Prince Harry. We are talking about stepsister Markle, nephew Tyler Dooley (son of brother Thomas, Meghan Markle, Jr.) and his mother Tracy. “Megan is worried about some members of his family. She hasn’t spoken to them in years… She lost sleep over relatives who had deceived her. Because of them she was most worried after the engagement,” – said the insider.

Indeed, the relationship with the half sister she never had. Samantha Grant early stated that it intends to write a book called “Diary of sister Princess upstart” and publicly scolded Megan on his Twitter page. Half-sister, as well as some other relatives, did not leave without attention the review of Prince of familiarity Markle with the Royal family. Harry said that his lover now had a family, which has never happened before.

“Fame and Hollywood took its toll on her. It almost ceased to communicate with me. In life Megan is not what many think it is. In my book the truth about her. I think, after members of the Royal family know who she really is, they do not want to communicate with her,” wrote Samantha on the eve of the release of the book.

However, a year later in a TV interview she said a few other things about her sister: “She was incredibly sweet. She is a strong, well-educated, graceful, she’s doing really important things. The British and the whole world will be shocked, how she’s sweet and kind. She will be able to do much as a representative of the Royal family. The world will be surprised,” said Samantha, expressing hope to still get to the wedding in the Palace.