Джамале не позволили пройти по красной дорожке на «Евровидении»

May 8, Crimean Tatar singer Jamal, who brought victory to Ukraine in the international music contest “Eurovision”, not allowed to walk the red carpet at the opening ceremony. The organizers of the opening ceremony turned a blind eye to the fact that it is thanks to this artist this year, Kyiv enjoys the competition. About the incident told Dennis Kozlowski, the PR Director Jamala.

According to Kozlowski, the organizers relied on a regulation, which previously no one knew. And the night before the opening of the contest an Agency has offered the singer the use of a helicopter and arrive to the ceremony a bright, ostensibly “for the sake of the country’s image”. Later, however, it became clear that no permission to fly over the capital of Ukraine is not allowed.
“Of course, the ceremony we went to the car. 20 minutes we were not allowed — the cordons of police, the national guard, PAROLE guarded the entrance from Jamala, looked at us, apologized but could not miss. There were no directions, no rules, no Protocol, no simple statement… nothing. Can imagine that it would be with a helicopter” usbutils Kozlovsky.
Recall that the first semifinal will take place today, the final scheduled for may 13. Russian Yulia Samoylova, which was to represent his country this year, the competition was not allowed by the security Service of Ukraine because of the performances in the annexed Crimea in 2015. The General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst has promised the singer that she will get the opportunity to represent Russia in 2018.