Alain Delon announced the completion of a career

Ален Делон объявил о завершении карьеры

Famous French actor Alain Delon at 81 decided that it’s time to retire. On the completion of an acting career, the artist declared in an interview with “Parisien” a few days ago. According to a former heartthrob, now n starred in his last film, after which on the set we’ll see of him.

“This film will be my last.In the film, as in sports, it’s time to get. Like a boxer not willing to spend the extra fight and lose, and I don’t want to do,” said Delon.

The last role of Alena is very significant — in it, he will play an elderly man, vlyubivshis in a woman 50 years.

Recall that the world izvestnost came to him after the release of the film “In the sun” in 1960.