Ivan Urgant has refused to star in “Cadets” because of the appearance

Иван Ургант отказался сниматься в «Гардемаринах» из-за внешности The broadcaster rejected the invitation of Svetlana Druzhinina. Ivan Urgant said that he would like to work with the Director, but he feared that would be ridiculous to look in the historical surroundings because of the growth and distinctive facial features.

Ivan Urgant manages not only to conduct a few television programs, but also to play a movie. A man chooses mostly comedic roles, which seems incredibly organic. However, the film Director Svetlana Druzhinina, who became the guest of the next edition of the program “Smak”, believes that the famous comedian it’s time to expand creative range. She invited the master to fulfill a role in her new project.

“I have a dream to see Vanya Urganta in historical costume, in a complex dramatic role. In “Trees” he played enough. It turns out he’s good, but we have to try something new. So what are waiting for you in the new “Cadets”, we will add some interesting character,” said Druzhinin.

Art definitely interested Urganta, but after a brief hesitation, he still refused. According to Ivan, he may not be suitable for historical role due to the specific external data. Not to offend Druzhinin, broadcaster responded to her offer in his usual humorous way.

“It is certainly very tempting. But where do you see the historical characters who looked like me, and growth? I think that I’ll look ridiculous”, – said Ivan.

We will remind that Svetlana Druzhinina many years struggling to remove another part about the adventures of midshipmen. The woman has repeatedly stressed that all actors, including Sergey Zhigunov and Dmitry Haratyan, ready to return to their former roles. However, the “cinema Fund” refused known Director in the financing of the tape. That is why she is trying to raise funds with the help of fans.

Earlier Druzhinin said that for her the most important is the attention of viewers. According to the Director, the audience wants to see a new part of the adventure of your favorite heroes, and why she will do everything possible to ensure that the project still came out on the big screens.

By the way, in the program “Smak” Druzhinin cooked the Turkey according to the traditional recipe of the husband, the bird relished Urgant. In the process of working on the dish, Svetlana Sergeevna remembered about the interesting moments of the shooting. So, the Director spoke about his beloved roles Vyacheslav Tikhonov, with whom she was friends for many years.

“Once the Glory came to me and said that his best work still- in the movie “it happened in Penkovo”. He explained that in the rest of the paintings used its natural texture and appeal. And only our joint film he worked on alien in a way, against all odds,” recalled Svetlana Sergeevna.