Svetlana Loboda commented on plastic surgery

Светлана Лобода прокомментировала свои пластические операции
The singer gave an honest answer to the questions of the fans.

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda, like all women, having a bright appearance and often hear in your address accusations that it allegedly all “converted”. Fans write to her offensive comments, like, her beauty is a merit of plastic surgeons. And the press can meet a lot of material, where professionals organize debriefings: what are the changes she made to her appearance.

Loboda such articles openly angered. She recently confessed that the hardest it irritates people ignorance. Recently Svetlana has responded to speculation by fans and the press. According to her, doing plastic surgery it just once. Along with this recognition she published a photo, which she suggests, will trigger a wave of rumors about the “plastic” Breasts.

“The trend of the past several headings: “LOBODA made a nose” should finally Eclipse a flurry of new articles “LOBODA made breast.” Good thing I always have time to do something!”— jokes Svetlana.

By the way, recently fans have suggested that Svetlana had a boyfriend. She began to share a photo with the designer Bicola Tetradze. But then commenters jumped to conclusions. “Social media is so arranged to hold a friend’s hand — you will marry,” he responded to the rumors Svetlana. Loboda, unfortunately, is patience, because public life and gossip often go in one set with the popularity.