Laysan utiasheva complained of the aggravation of old injuries

Ляйсан Утяшева пожаловалась на обострение старой травмы The gymnast told about the difficulties during the work on show. Rosie recently presented a project called Bolero. The premiere took place on October 1 last year in Kazan. Now the troupe toured the cities of Russia.

Famous gymnast Laysan utiasheva has launched a dance show Bolero. Wife of Paul Will, for a very long time preparing for the project presentation. The premiere was held in his hometown Utyasheva, Kazan. When the star only developed the concept of the show, she realized that she would have to work a lot, so at first it was doubt how she’ll cope with this load.

“At the beginning of rehearsals I have started to torment doubts if I can take this rate if I can combine the shooting, the family and the work on show… Perhaps this is normal for a person that 10 years was not “in the profession”, besides, I’m a gymnast, but gymnastics and dance are not the same. From the abundance of new information dizzy account when the choreography is quite different than in sports, it was necessary to adjust, there were other nuances,” said utiasheva.

According to Laysan, during the presentation of the project in different cities? at times, their group was rather curious situation. For example, in St.-Petersburg artists performing in the show, found himself without a costume. Another unpleasant incident happened on the stage.

“We have in the play is the moment when the dancers need to move the couch where I was sitting, with one end of the stage to another and back. While they were pulling her one way, we damaged the floor on the stage and dragging the couch back, tore off his leg. Of course, we pretended nothing happened and kept on dancing, so the audience did not notice anything,” shared Rosie.

During a tour from Utyasheva’s health deteriorated. She began to worry about old injuries. Many years ago, Rosie suffered a serious operation on his leg, so now almost never wears heels. During robot on a show the pain is back.

“At the beginning of rehearsals I started to torment an old injury. Had to work in full force to watch the other dancers. Later, when the pain has receded, I was again able to start a new contemporary dance styles,” said gymnast.

As admitted utiasheva in column for the magazine “Hello!”they have already begun to receive enthusiastic responses from the audience. In Moscow the show Bolero show in may.