Ivan Urgant brought Irina Shayk physical

Иван Ургант довел Ирину Шейк до рукоприкладства The presenter asked supermodel provocative question about Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper. Irina Shayk refused to talk about his former and current lovers, but the show Ivan Urgant choke from behind.

      Иван Ургант довел Ирину Шейк до рукоприкладства

      On the First channel launched a new season of the program “Evening Urgant”. Among the first guests on the entertainment show included Irina Shayk. The supermodel appeared in the Studio in a tight lace cocktail dress than a very confused Ivan Urgant. Leading his whole appearance showed that conquered the beauty of the stars.

      However, once started the conversation, it became clear that Irina is not configured to answer tricky questions of the presenter. Shayk refused to tell the stars something about her ex-boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo and current boyfriend Bradley Cooper. But the supermodel hinted that she is in excellent physical shape and even can demonstrate the reception of JIU-jitsu. The star is the Japanese freestyle wrestling and a special system of self-defense without weapons.

      Ivan could not refuse the lady, and then was seized from behind with her delicate but strong hands. Irina had almost strangled the host performing the exercise. Urgant took a breath and laughingly commented that his beard remained the oil from the body of the model.

      Иван Ургант довел Ирину Шейк до рукоприкладства

      After such a dangerous and unexpected aspect of the program Ivan told Irina, as a professional in the field of beauty, to transform his appearance with makeup. The only condition was that to apply makeup the model had been blindfolded. Shayk showed complete equanimity, densely Urgant applying makeup around the eyes and painting his lips scarlet lipstick.

      See the result in the mirror, Ivan suggested that it would be possible again to show the technique of strangling from behind, they say, because it would look spectacular, but Irina modestly refused to repeat the offense.

      By the way, it is possible that to speak on the subject of personal life to live “Evening Urgant” Shake refused for the reason that now her relationship with Bradley Cooper is going through a difficult time. Recently in the influential Western tabloid “The Sun” there are reports that the beloved lost interest to each other. Allegedly, the pair even got into a fight.

      Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are experiencing a crisis in relationships

      “Bradley said to Irina that he will not tolerate such behavior. Model proudly gathered her things and slammed the door of the house Mrs. campano. Of course, Irina was hoping for a reconciliation with the favourite, but Bradley was adamant the couple broke up less than a year after the beginning of the novel” — leads the publication the words of an insider.