Беременная жена Степана Меньщикова разгуливает без белья Eugene Shamaeva tries not to constrain your body garments. Wife of Stepan Menschikova in December will become a mother for the second time. Despite the fact that the young woman is five months pregnant, she barely gained weight and can afford to wear tight dresses.

      In early August, former participant reality show “House-2” Stepan Menshikov formalized the relationship with his chosen Eugene Sameway. Despite the fact that the couple has been together for several years and raising a son, the lovers were in no hurry to go to the registry office. Now the young woman is expecting her second child. Being in an interesting position, she tries to do so, to feel comfortable. For this reason, she decided to abandon underwear.

      “Bras do not like. Especially in summer, can not write,” explained Shamaeva his fans.

      Nevertheless, Eugene does not cease to wear tight dresses that accentuate every curve of the figure. Apparently, it does not bother a pregnant woman. Fans noted that for five months out of the child Shamaeva has not yet gained too much weight and remains in the same form. The whole family eagerly awaits the arrival of the baby. The expectant mother talked about the fact that bear in December.

      “The ultrasound says it’s a girl. We really wanted it. However, I have the left and right do not cry, even to subscribers in the Network is not told – for the second pregnancy are more carefully and consciously,” said “StarHit” the wife of Stepan Menshchikova.

      Many fans were very worried, when the family of a former participant of the reality show was not all plain sailing. Eugene told me that she is tired of the constant betrayals, scandals and quarrels that happened in front of a small child. It is likely that the pair managed to overcome all differences and restore peace in the family.

      Stepan Menshikov the friends gathered at the wedding Banquet PHOTOS. VIDEO

      After learning about the second pregnancy lady, Stepan Menshikov became more attentive to his beloved. Shamaeva notice how he tries in order to please her and get rid of any worries.

      “Stepan always cared: the Breakfast, the tea poured, but now indulges me more often, suffers mood swings. Recently he scored a bouquet of wild flowers – it was very nice. We do in house chef. Most of all loves to cook soups,” said Eugene.

      Even before the news of expecting a baby Shamaeva grandiose plans to life – to give son in kindergarten, and in his spare time to obtain a second higher education and to develop their business. Now, apparently, women will have to postpone the implementation of the plan.