Певица Слава удивила фанатов невероятным сходством с дочерью The actress and her successor look the same. The latest pictures in the microblog star proved once again that Glory and her 17-year-old daughter easily confused. Fans of the pop singer considered the girl an exact copy of the star mother.

      Famous singer Glory today flew to Sochi, where the contest of young singers “New wave”. The star took to the event eldest daughter Sasha. Unfortunately, the trip did not start very well: their flight was delayed. About this singer said in his microblog, put the daughter up from the airport. “Fly my bird in Sochi! The flight is delayed! We sat for an hour on the plane and back! I hope will soon fly! Come in today for a creative evening of Victor Drobysh!”, – signed frame Glory.

      However, General attention was attracted by the tremendous similarity of mother and daughter, which is visible to the naked eye: both beauties brown eyes and dark hair. Sasha and Slava is dressed in similar sweaters in dark colors. Images taken from an angle that emphasizes that the singer and its successor have the same shape of the lips and almost no different eyebrows. “Similar”, “Copy”, “Two drops”, “Nastia, you are my daughter one face” “Like Xerox”, “Daughter is very similar to the mother clone”, “Equal eyes and look” – such comments have been left followers “Instagram” Fame.

      By the way, the singer often boast in front of thousands of followers by the success of his successor. 17-year-old Alexander managed to play in the video mom and currently involved in working on one series. Mother star previously admitted that her daughter wants to flickering on TV and play in the theater. Thank supports Sasha and brings her desire for beauty. This summer, the star showed extravagant frame with an heiress, on which the girl had no clothes on and her body is painted with paints. The daughter of Fame singer undressed for the photo shoot

      The daughter of singer also learning to sing, but do not consider themselves as in this case. “I have but to Pro I far. I remember when I was little, my mother took me to concerts. I like to stand backstage and sing along, but now pulls to the microphone, and on the set,” said Alexander. Also the daughter of the actress attends special courses at GITIS, where he studied acting, to achieve success in the movies.