Анна Семенович шокировала худобой Florida wasp waist and slender hips. Anna Semenovich published a photo that leaves no doubt that the actress has lost much weight. Signs of photoshop in the picture fans of stars found.

      Анна Семенович шокировала худобой

      Anna Semenovich for many years has been fighting with excess weight. Fans of the stars in amazement watching how it manifests will power and stroiney. Evil tongues attributed to photos of the singer using photoshop to make her pictures look spectacular. Today, however, the actress published a picture, which even the most observant followers noticed no signs of editing.

      In pictures of Anna posing in a tight dress. The star’s shape affects harmony. Fans of S. could not ignore the transformation of her silhouette.

      “Lost a lot of weight, it deserves”, “she, a beauty! Irresistible”, “What a gorgeous dress! Anya, you are so pretty! Juicy”, “Dress classy! Keep it up,” “in addition to the dresses you see nothing, look at how she lost, Yes, lost! Well done,” wrote an admirer Anna.

      Recall that about a year ago, the singer decided to lose weight. She has published on his page in Instagram life-affirming post. “Monday is a great day for new beginnings. I decided a week not to eat meat, starchy and sweet. You’re not ready?” – wrote the artist in his microblog. Followers thanked Anna for the motivation. “I also today decided to declare a week of discharge, will feed upon the alternation of the day – chicken, day – vegetables,” “today I started going to the gym, and coach friend agreed to tutor me. Sweet and flour do not eat for a week already, But I don’t know if I can refuse,” commented the girl.

      Anna Semenovich sat on a strict diet

      It is noteworthy that this summer at a private training Anna looked much more appetizing than it is now. By the way, S. has taken the first steps in oratory is the singer gave a master class on how to find happiness and feel attractive.

      “The main lesson I took away from the meeting with Anya, – the importance of psychological flexibility – says the “StarHit” Diana Kononova from Kazan. – I sometimes feel awkward in new companies, shy, afraid to say a word too much. Important full confidence! You have to be always a Queen! Even if you look in the mirror and know that you are overweight, you are awesome!”