Ivan Abramov explained why hides her profession from her daughter

Иван Абрамов объяснил, почему скрывает свою профессию от дочери The star of the show Stand Up talked about the relationship with the heiress. Comedian Ivan Abramov confessed that the girl knows that her dad works at the TV. Two-year-old dad believes an ordinary musician.

Comedian Ivan Abramov, who became famous thanks to the project on channel TNT, during performances often jokes on the topic of family and marriage. The man does not hide that he draws his inspiration from communication with his wife. In addition, the star readily describes funny situations that happened with him and his daughter. Recently, however, the young man admitted that the girl was not even aware of, whom her father works.

“In June it will be two and a half years and she doesn’t know that I connected with humor. But I know that I’m a musician. Because we have a piano at home. Playing, say, rock-n-roll, and the daughter sits on my lap. And guitar we have. We also play rock. When this girl loves to shake his head. In the garden speaks to all: “My dad plays the guitar and the piano, and you’re not,” says the artist.

Note that Ivan quite often refers to words or phrases heiress in the preparation room. The girl is in absentia has become a favorite of fans Abramov. It turned out that such attachment from the Pope to the little girl for a reason. Baby with absolute accuracy repeats the behaviour of his father in childhood. She misbehaves in the garden and keeps the parents in the home. In the words of comedian, daughter, expressing a clear interest in destruction and tomfoolery.

But despite the mischievous nature of the heiress, a celebrity believes in its great future. He now seeks to invest in the girl high money and considers it the best investment. The comedian admitted that about 50 percent of their savings he and his wife are going to spend on teachers, educators, teachers, courses, schools.

Now Ivan spends a lot of time at work: planning a speech, writes to scripts and always writing jokes. By the way, all your work man first tastes on the sweetheart and only if the estimate includes them in the program. He shared that his wife is the most sincere and honest judge. Probably why the family Abramov reigns idyll.

“I have in this respect, the Golden man. Never allows himself sharp and rude remarks. If she doesn’t like something, she just smiles a little less. Usually check on his wife those things which not sure. Primarily, this is due to the stiffness. To clarify, not confuse her that because of my chubby body heard or that rudeness,” the actor told in an interview with the online magazine Teleprogramma.pro.