New masterpiece of the capital

Новый шедевр столицы To Sretensky monastery I have a special attitude, and not because they are its parishioner. In the city center – quiet, the beauty, the unique monastic choir.

And last week, on the territory of the monastery was consecrated a new Church, which just get in the albums of modern architecture: the 61 meter tall, seven gold with a silver finish domes, everywhere amazing thread of Vladimir of white limestone area of frescoes – 6.5 thousand square meters!

Of course, funds for three years of construction (absolute land speed record) spent a lot. But for comparison, tens of billions invested in this unfinished, as the St. Petersburg “Zenit arena”, it would be possible to erect such churches around the Golden ring. By the way, grew a new temple on the spot where stood a small house, the present Abbot of the monastery of St. Tikhon Shevkunova (his book “Unholy saints” is still a bestseller). In General, on the territory of the Sretensky monastery in 20-e years there was a prison where they send including the clergy.

Many of them are immediately shot and buried in unmarked graves. So the full name of the new architectural masterpiece – the Church of Resurrection and new Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church. Hurry to see!