Екатерина Вилкова терпит капризы мужа Star of the TV series “Hotel “Eleon” told about life together with the actor Ilya Lyubimov. In recognition of Catherine Vilkova, sometimes it’s not easy, because the husband – the person creative profession. However, the actress easily forgives elect its shortcomings.

Ekaterina Vilkova – the star of the long-awaited continuation of the “Hotel “Eleon”. In the first season of the young woman starred with husband, actor Ilya Lyubimov, known for its participation in the film “Inadequate people”, as well as in the TV series “Not born beautiful”.

In recognition Vilkova, to work with the chosen one is not easy. The celebrity said in a recent interview. The artist think that the husband “sees through it”. “Thank God, here I had no scenes specifically with Ilya – we practically do not overlap even replicas. Because otherwise I would find it hard to relax, there would be a tightness or clip”, – said the actress.

Reporters asked Catherine what it’s like to live with a creative profession. A young woman told me that sometimes it is difficult, but she manages to cope with difficulties. Actress crazy wife and believes this is his perfect other half.

“Of course, sometimes Ilya is naughty, but in fact there are only a few from the actor. I think I can share my life with that man and only him to feel comfortable. I know artists who force their wives to care for them. After all, the artist is essentially capricious creature,” said Vilkova.

Recall that the premiere of the second season of the popular series “Hotel “Eleon” was held on may 15 at STS. Viewers on a thrilling adventure of the main characters who will be confronted with surprises and unexpected changes. In the high-profile project will also appear the characters of the beloved “Kitchen” the pastry chef, Louis, an expert on cleaning Ainura and a specialist in molecular cuisine Katya. Besides Ekaterina Vilkova, the serial film was involved Gregory siyatvinda, Elena Ksenofontova, Olga Kuzmina, Viktor Horinyak, miloš Bykowicz and many others.

Note that in the popular project of the husband Ekaterina Vilkova Ilya Lyubimov played Vadim, the former husband of Sofia Tolstoy. In a recent interview the actress told about how it has changed her character in the second season. According to Catherine, the creators of the series tried to make it softer, so she “revealed, has become a romantic girl-girl.” However, she sometimes resisted the authors of the script, because “with all the opening character has some moments that person does not change,” quoted the star Sobesednik.ru.