It is known who gave birth to Svetlana Ivanova

Стало известно, кого родила Светлана Иванова
The actress revealed the sex of their second child.

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Ivanova in the second time became a mother nearly three months ago. The actress gave birth to a child in Israel, and there spent the first time after the birth of a baby. All this time the star did not advertise who she was born to be the son or daughter. But still revealed to fans the secret: the actress and her beloved Janik Fayzieva had another daughter.

Svetlana has published in a personal blog, a photo from the walk. It the actress posed with the red stroller, which is the first proof that the girl was born. And she signed the picture: “the Eldest takes the youngest is sleeping!”

To lead people astray is absolutely not in the character of Ivanova. If it tells something about yourself, so it must be true.

By the way, she has also boasted that the stroller her daughter is exactly the same as the children of Bruce Willis!

“With him, though, she modestly gray, but modesty is not our Forte! — laughing star. So I’m better!”

As actress and Director was named a second daughter, not yet reported. By the way, Ivanov had already left the decree. She is actively removed in two paintings in St. Petersburg. Little daughter all the time near the mother. In the dressing room Svetlana put a crib where she was sleeping while mom is in the frame.

“My profession is convenient because kids can always carry with you!” — said Ivanov.