Джастин Бибер отказался подписывать брачный контракт
Friends of the singer fear that he made a serious mistake.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin


The whole team of Justin Bieber in a panic. Seriously concerned family and friends of the singer. The fact that Justin, despite all entreaties, refused to sign
marriage contract. He said that he really loves his fiancee and doesn’t want
to insult her with your mistrust. And since his wedding with Hailey Baldwin, the niece of Alec Baldwin, will be held
soon, Bieber is still quite a bit of time to change their
solution. This information to the reporter newspaper of Life and Style reported by one of his friends singer.

Justin have something to lose. In my years 24 years he managed to earn 250
of millions of dollars. As for his bride, Hayley, despite the fact that
she’s a fairly popular model, it’s still many times less. On account of miss Baldwin is $ 3 million. But if Justin and
Haley will live together not too long and happily, then in a divorce he risks losing half of his fortune. In this scenario, the prospects
Ms. Baldwin is quite good, unlike Bieber.

At the same time, many
including Bieber’s mom — Patty Mallett, seriously afraid that the marriage of Justin
will be short-lived. Although in the past the singer a short time has already met with Haley (in
early 2016), the current round of their romance began only in June of this year. Just
a month later they announced their engagement! Friends and family Bieber found the actions of Justin too hasty. When asked what she
think about your son’s party, Patty said: “you Know,
as they say: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, better keep quiet”. So
I better say nothing about it!” And soon the attentive fans of the singer noticed that
Patty persistently puts “likes” appearing on the web the stories of hasty and bad
ended engagements…