Галкин и Пугачева продемонстрировали свое счастье в Сети
The star couple were delighted fans together.

Photo: Instagram

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin for the summer went to live in Jurmala. Star the couple rented a luxury Villa where you live with kids and helpers. Max occasionally flies to Moscow to conduct activities or take part in other workflows, and Alla is Lisa and Harry.

Yesterday Galkin has published a rare joint photos with Alla. Fans wondered how the years Galkin and Pugacheva are more “fit together”. Beside the young husband Diva looked younger and began to look much better than before. Galkin well in the opinion of the fans has ceased to “be a boy” into manhood. And both look absolutely happy. It is noted not only by numerous fans of the couple, but also their friends and colleagues.

“Beautiful and happy!” — wrote in a commentary Igor Nikolaev. “I’ll see you soon!” — Maxim replied his neighbor. Nikolaev with his wife Julia Proskuryakova and Nika too, to spend the summer in Jurmala and much.

“Now these krasivimi and glowing from the happiness we all want to see you every day! — wrote star designer Igor Gulyaev. — Sincerely happy for you, honey!”

“What you cool! — TV presenter and actress Evelina Bledans. Max, thank you so much, you make happy this great woman!”

Also, the emoticons in the form of hearts and kisses in the comments “mark” Vera Brezhnev, Lolita, Anna Semenovich and Irina Bezrukov.

By the way, some of the subscribers of Maxim, who still do not believe in the sincerity of his feelings for Alla Borisovna, tried to prove that the stars look stupid together, but sincere wishes and admiration of this pair of their stars-colleagues silenced them.