Мужа Ани Лорак заподозрили в измене
Murat Nalchajian “caught” with another woman at the club.

Мужа Ани Лорак заподозрили в измене

Photo: Instagram

Looks like another beautiful tale from the world of show business came to an end. Husband Ani Lorak filmed in one of Kiev clubs with another woman. Murat Nalchajian hugged the young blogers, stroking her inner thigh and whispered in his ear some words which look the girls were clearly very pleasant. All the rumors about her husband’s infidelity Lorak could be mistaken for the machinations of enemies, if not for the video, which was published to the portal Super.

Ani Lorak and Murat Turks Nalchajian met at his home in 2005. It was a beautiful story, which the singer then talked in an interview. They immediately liked each other, but Carolina (this is the real name of the singer) didn’t believe in the possibility of a serious relationship. For a long time they were copied, but the real romance between them broke out only a year later, when lorac came back to the hotel, where he worked with Murat to make a video.

Nalchajian moved to Kiev, since Ani could not (and would not) leave the stage. Three years in, they played a gorgeous wedding, and in 2011 they had a lovely daughter called Sofia. Godfather girl became Philip.

Ani Lorak with her husband and daughter Sophia

Photo: @anilorak happy Instagram Ani Lorak

A surrounded by Lorak said that Murat was very difficult to accept the fact that it is in their family only “number two”, that his main achievement in life is “the Ani Lorak”.

Caroline always had a smile denied these rumors. “In our family home of Murat, — she said in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — Like any normal woman, coming home, first I take off my “crown” and become a wife. What’s the difference what I do — Yes, even the President! Queen I can only be on stage, but at home I have kitty who always looks at her husband with respect and love.”

Meanwhile, while Ani as the main breadwinner in the family went on tours and participated in festivals of Lima Vajkule in Jurmala and “Heat” in Baku, Murat found himself a new “kitty”. It turned out, the girl who that night was accompanied by husband Lorak engaged in the sales of brand clothing in the Internet. Her name is Yana Belyaeva, and she is not even 30.