It became known as the family of Queen Elizabeth II will spend Christmas

Cтало известно, как семья Елизаветы II проведет Рождество
The Queen was struck by a surprising decision.

Cтало известно, как семья Елизаветы II проведет Рождество

Elizabeth II


The statement made
the representative of Buckingham Palace, was a sensation. It was confirmed that Meghan Markle has received an official invitation for coming to the Queen’s estate and spend the holiday with all its
family. It is expected that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and miss
Markle will arrive in Sandringham for Christmas. The Queen and her family will visit all
together morning Christmas service in Sandringham Chirch… ” — said in a statement.

This in British history was not yet
ever: Megan and Harry are still only engaged, and in strict
rule, unmarried couples in any case not be allowed to holiday in the estate
Elizabeth. And 91-year-old Queen, which is rightly considered
the Keeper of traditions, up to that point had been less inclined to change
installed her and her ancestors “rules of the game”.

Absolutely amazing how Meghan Markle have managed so quickly to charm
Elizabeth, which usually is discovering to the people. For the first time in
August, when the Queen invited her to his Scottish estate — Balmoral where Elizabeth spends part of the summer
and the beginning of autumn. In Balmoral Megan also met father of her beloved Prince
Charles and his wife Camilla
Parker-Bowles. The actress managed to impress them the most
a positive impression.

In court circles claim that Markle immediately liked the Queen. And in October followed by a new invitation — this time in
Buckingham Palace for tea with the Queen. This event too was a success.
However, Harry admitted he very beginning was sure that his grandma and Megan
will get along just fine. The Prince came to that conclusion when I saw the Corgi
Queen, characterized by a rather cantankerous character, began as soon as
Markle appeared, wagging her tail.
And then, when all if the table, one of them put the actress head to foot! With
this time he stopped worrying and decided that all will be well.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry