48-year-old Julia Menshov celebrates the 20th anniversary of the son

48-летняя Юлия Меньшова празднует 20-летие сына
Presenter touching congratulated the firstborn anniversary.

48-летняя Юлия Меньшова празднует 20-летие сына

Yuliya Menshova

Photo: Instagram

Andrew Gordin

Photo: Instagram

Julia Menshovoj was a great holiday. Her eldest son Andrew celebrated the anniversary. Young
the man was 20 years old. For the occasion, actress and television personality remembered
a touching story associated with the birth of their first child.

“My boy, my firstborn, my joy, my
concern, anxiety and hope, my pride, my friend! — she asked the birthday child with a personal
page in the social network. — On the street
the thaw is frost twenty years ago, when my dad
business in the hospital: the car would cut out, and the glass didn’t want to be frozen! You gave
us time, but broke all our plans about Fedor, born on the day Andrew
Andrew. And much has since identified himself! Boldly go down the road of life,
slugger beats that happen to us all, win, suffer defeat and
again win! And I’m keeping you in their admiring eyes! Believe and love –

Fans wished Andrew all the best and
congratulated the star mother, after the birth of my son and her holiday, too. Subscribers microblog TV presenter
noted that her son is very much like his grandfather — Vladimir Menshov. I wonder
only six months ago, those same fans insisted that the son Menshovoj —
a copy of his father, Igor Gordin. There were those who marveled at how young were
Julia, when I gave birth to Andrew. For now, the mother of twenty offspring 48
years. “Good job! A worthy son grew up!” — they wrote.

The actress is trying
not to advertise my personal life. There was a time when TV presenter often took
their children: son Andrew and daughter Taisia society events. But as
the extension of the heirs, she began to work less and less. That is why each publication adult children
Julia calls in a Network storm of hype.