Julia Kovalchuk told about the difficulties of breastfeeding

Юлия Ковальчук рассказала о сложностях грудного вскармливания
The singer has to go to the shooting with a pump.

Photo: Instagram

Julia Kovalchuk, like many other stars of domestic show business, did not “sit” in the decree. Her daughter yesterday was just 2 months old, and her star mom is already hard at work: photoshoots for magazines, writes a new album and even manages to rehearse a concert program, which will present on court of spectators next year.

With all this busy schedule of life it is unclear how the singer still manages to feed her daughter breast! Especially when you consider that shooting in the Studio Julia the little thing does not take — the girl remains in a country house with mom stars.

“Yes, I still feed the child itself and his own breast, — said Julia with fans. — It was my great desire, and there was not a second that I doubted. Of course, I didn’t imagine how will be tied to the baby, but it was worth it! Work, shooting, concerts — no problem. But I always have to carry a breast pump. I keep my milk, it remains as the mobile. At the present time the benefit of as many convenient gadgets and accessories that any young mummy (which I consider myself) can fully feed her children, and get to work!”

However, some important projects of Yulia still had to say goodbye. Recently started shooting a new season of the “Balanced people” of the channel STS, in which Kovalchuk was the unchallenged leading for two and a half years. The singer was replaced with Anfisa Chekhova. The son of the TV presenter is already 5 years old, so she can safely go with him anywhere. The shootings take place in Sochi, Anfisa moved to the southern capital of Russia until the spring of next year.