ISA Dolmatova revealed the secret of her pregnancy

Айза Долматова раскрыла главный секрет своей беременности The star announced the sex of the baby. ISA Dolmatova will become a mother for the second time this fall. Doctors determined who she’s waiting for. The singer and designer has shared this information with subscribers in social networks.

      Айза Долматова раскрыла главный секрет своей беременности

      For the life of businesswoman, singer and designer ISA Anokhina in Instagram watching almost a million users. Most of them know Internet star even since her scandalous marriage to rapper Body, in the life of Alexei Dolmatov. Then ISA was wearing her husband’s name, and generously shared the details of family quarrels and reconciliations.

      Now the fate businesswoman, much has changed – she is happily married with a surfer Dmitry Anokhin and is expecting her second child. ISA continues to be candid with his many subscribers. So find out from doctors what sex will the baby rushed to share the happy news on his page in Instagram.

      “How cool is that you don’t hide pregnancy”, “Cool, congrats on the boy, “Will be another surfer!”, “You had another one the best son, Two sons – it’s great!” – rushed to congratulate their favorite subscribers. Many of them were convinced and informed that ISA would be born a boy. The name of the baby happy parents have not yet invented or just not ready to announce. It is easy to assume that most of the imminent birth of her brother was glad little Sam, the son of ISA from Gufa.

      By the way, pregnancy Anokhina, who lives now with his family in Bali, flows easily. The singer and fashion designer tells about his health in the microblog. Apparently, the sun and the sea beneficial to our health, ISA. In recognition of the stars in Moscow, its condition left much to be desired.

      ISA Dolmatova: “Before moving to Bali I thought I’m gonna die!”

      “A long time ago, eight years ago, I started having problems with blood vessels,” said ISA in an interview with “StarHit”. – It intensified after the birth of Sam, started having panic attacks, I for two months lay in bed, could not stand up, did not eat, not drink, could not pick up the phone, and any information brought me to hysterics. It seemed that I was about to die. I’ve bypassed all doctors, came to a psychiatrist, whom she found, she called. I was so bad that I came to him at night home. He prescribed me meds, said I can’t handle this on my own. Prescribed for three months, and saw about two years. It was wrong. Because of the overdose started new problems. But as soon as I stopped drinking them, the panic attacks came back again. Life turned into a nightmare! I was in fear to lose what you do not need to have. Then I realized that I need to get away from drugs, because to depend on tablets for me was unacceptable. When I come to Moscow, I still feel bad. Whether because of the weather, whether because of the environment – I don’t know. Sometimes, the food at the wheel, sharply accelerated heartbeat. Sometimes I’m afraid to get into an accident, Park and rest for an hour, skipping all the meetings. But in Bali I don’t have any symptoms.”

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