Western media: the Prince was sick with AIDS

Западные СМИ: Принс был болен СПИДом

Thursday morning starts with news of the Prince, who died April 21 at age 57. According to new data from the Western press, the musician was sick with AIDS.

This information has managed to distribute several publications, in particular the British newspaper Daily Mail citing material published in the American tabloid the National Enquirer.

His face was yellowish, the skin on the neck hanging down, and the fingertips were a brownish-yellow hue,

– said the source portal, noting that the last time Prince had very little to eat, and if he is still eating, the body refused to digest food and get rid of it.

According to the latter, the singer “has acquired HIV in the mid 1990-ies,” he “developed into AIDS six months ago.”

Западные СМИ: Принс был болен СПИДом

News with the readers of the website SPLETNIK.RU shared blogger Akulina.

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