Dana Borisova is divorcing her husband through the court

Дана Борисова разводится с мужем через суд Well-known television presenter wife left. Dana Borisova has announced that goodbye to her husband, businessman Andrey Troshchenko. The star has not seen her husband since the beginning of March.

      Дана Борисова разводится с мужем через суд

      Recently personal life Dana Borisova was similar to a detective story. Fans of the stars were unable to understand what is happening in her family. Leading announced that her husband, businessman Andrey Troshchenko, took off her expensive car. Then asked for his forgiveness through social networks for rash acts. On the eve of the Eighth of March, the passion seems to have subsided. “There are no words. We must learn to forgive, love and respect for this man,” wrote the media personality under the joint with Troshchenko snapshot.

      And here, it appears that almost immediately after International women’s day, Dana’s husband disappeared again. What happened between the couple is still unknown. However, apparently, this time they kept in touch. Borisov made the decision to divorce and tried to settle with Andrew this issue peacefully. Stars attempts to nothing lead, and then she went to court.

      “All good ends sooner or later. Yesterday unilaterally by magistrate filed for divorce. Ex-husband with whom you do not communicate with March 9, was a busy and ZAGS through a divorce is not wanted. Congratulate me with the end of the first and only of my life of marriage” – said Borisov on his page in Instagram.

      Дана Борисова разводится с мужем через суд

      That family life Dana Borisova and Andrey Troshchenko far from cloudless, the audience learned a long time ago. In recent months, the couple constantly quarreled over trifles. And in February, Dana and daughter Pauline, and all flew to rest on the Maldives together. Troshchenko at this moment gathered his things, sat in the “Mercedes” of his wife and left in an unknown direction. Returning back, Borisova wrote a statement to the police about the disappearance car, but later withdrew it.

      Apparently, the difficulties in the family Given usuability her health problems. Most recently, Borisov admitted anorexia. Now she weighs 50 pounds. “The last time I was losing weight for the wedding and for three months he ate nothing. I didn’t eat anything at all. I couldn’t, I didn’t feel like… First time like, and then you get used to, and absolutely do not want. I knew that already look painful,” admitted leading on one of the talk shows. Star constantly asked her husband, not whether she looks too fat, and he didn’t know what to say. After all, any reaction caused in the wife’s anger. Fortunately, Dana Borisova managed to overcome yourself.

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