Danila Kozlovsky is struggling with frustration

Данила Козловский борется с нервными срывами Recently, the actor is constantly in the spotlight. Danila Kozlovsky openly shared the recipe of struggle against depression, which can overtake him to the point of exhaustion.

      Данила Козловский борется с нервными срывами

      Danila Kozlovsky is on the wave of popularity. No sooner had the spectators to move away from the melodrama “Status: Free”, as the screens released film “the Crew”, in which the actor also played a major role. Increased attention to the modest person of the artist due to the gossip surrounding his personal life. It is known that Daniel found with the model Olga Zueva, however, their romance remains a mystery to many. However, Kozlowski manages to combine a relationship with a girl and public life. Moreover, publicity energizes it.

      “Anything – and shooting, and an interview is also an opportunity to recharge, if all goes well. Another thing, when you’re tired – that’s when you need to tell yourself and everyone else “Stop”, – says the star.

      Of course, in a mad rhythm it is impossible to live permanently. When it comes to a nervous breakdown, Kozlovsky behaves radically. He does not wait for the moment when the popularity starts to work on the artist, but against him. “I find the ability to pause something that is unstoppable and completely stop what you can. And hiding for ten days”, – shares his recipe for overcoming depression Daniel.

      It is worth noting that Kozlovsky helps to relax and change of scenery. The actor has been living in the two cities. Recently, the screen star and his girlfriend made their family nest in romantic St. Petersburg, near the Maly drama theatre, in which Kozlovsky often goes on stage. In Moscow, Danila, too many projects. And his beloved Olga often flies abroad for shooting.

      Meanwhile, the couple tries to spend free time together. Zueva Kozlowski pulls from everyday life and dip into a different reality.

      “Last year my girlfriend forced me to fly to the island – I did a few days lay like a vegetable… first, understand that this too is a thrill — to lie, to read, to look around, to compose something. Secondly, even in such circumstances, begin to invent our own adventures — after all, us guys, need to move. But this winter I went to ski – have not allowed yourself because of an injury, but he could not resist. I love mountains,” says Daniel in an interview Woman.ru.

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