ISA Anokhina justified for plastic surgery

Айза Анохина оправдалась за пластику The star admitted that she feels a lot of pain. ISA Anokhin published in the microblog post, which openly spoke about the cause of recent surgery. Thus the woman decided to respond to negative comments on.

Businesswoman Svetlana Anokhina has always been considered the owner of one of the best figures in domestic show-business. In her microblog often pictures, which celebrity is captured in a bikini or short shorts. Fans beauties literally cheering when Instagram there is another spicy photo of pet.

Recently, however, the woman surprised users of the social network. She publicly announced the intention to do liposuction of the arms and after a few days got my wish. According to some, the ISA also drained the fat from the belly and increased buttocks. Apparently, during one visit to the clinic the celebrity underwent just three treatments. ISA Anokhin had a plastic surgery buttocks

Before surgical intervention Anokhin talked about the fact that this method tries to correct the shortcomings of the body. It turned out that the plastic was an old dream a businesswoman and she’s happy to bring it to life. But the followers did not share the joyful feelings of the star. Before the surgery, and after they tried to convince a woman that she does not need such drastic measures. According to them, beauty has beautiful appearance and can compete with any model.

But, among users, “Instagram” were those who openly rebuked the ISA to the crime. Detractors have decided that celebrity needs their spiteful comments and critical advice. However, the words of well-wishers touched her and forced her to share her revelation. Anokhin published a long text in a microblog, where in detail told about the reasons of the operation.

“It was my choice. Because I’m complexed, insecure ordinary woman, like many of you. Why am I going on a particular step, can not answer. But I’m going and can’t stop me. Yes, I have never considered myself fat or something awful. But I was frustrated. Now you write that you had to go to the gym. And I have another question: why did you not do it? To condemn all ready! Not saying plastic is bad, they say – too bad!” – wrote a businesswoman.

In addition, she confessed that she now experiences severe physical pain. But even to this state the star decided to take a philosophical approach. According to her, through suffering many understood and recognized. At the moment, ISA is in the process of recovery. Fans celebrities wished her rather to go on the mend. They hope that soon will be able to evaluate new forms of pet.