Anna Sedokova forced to leave her son

Анна Седокова вынуждена оставить сына The singer came out of maternity leave. Anna Sedokova has pleased fans with good news. She has published in the microblog the rehearsal video and announced that they can finally get to work.

Less than two months ago Anna Sedokova in the third time became a mother. In a clinic in Los Angeles, there appeared the long-awaited son of the artist. Even then, fans of the celeb began to worry the question: how soon will their favorite to return to the previous schedule? But the star of any statements about it did not. She rejoiced in the birth of an heir, and doing household chores.

However, prior to Instagram, the singer appeared clip from the recording Studio. It is the idol of millions sang one of his hits. “Did you miss me? I’m crazy!” – signed post Anna. Fans of the actress decided not to hold back the joy and violent emotions. They immediately left enthusiastic comments under the video. It turned out that the users of the social network really missed songs Sedokova.

“Very! I couldn’t wait!”, “How badass you are! When is the concert?”, “Please, sing something else! Like to listen live”, “You are gorgeous, Anya! I love you!”, “I love you! Always you have very little! Let’s have more videos and photos!” – I wrote to the followers of the star.

Probably a celebrity are unable to ignore such a sincere response. Words subscribers provoked retaliatory revelation. After the first publication, the beauty posted another Studio video. However, this time she was generous to words and admitted that he cannot imagine himself without a case its entire life.

“And in that moment everything fell into place. You can’t remove this part of me, as it is impossible to live without strong feelings. When I sing, and the music in me – we are together! And I’m full,” wrote Sedokova.

By the way, after the third birth, the actress was overcome disturbing thoughts. A young woman was seriously scared that because of the forced break, the fans will forget about her. She imagined no one coming to her concert, and from the popularity of the former will not be over. However, fans of Anna rushed to comfort her and assured that he will never leave the favorite. Anna Sedokova came into the despair of oblivion

According to the singer, now her thoughts are in complete harmony. She is happy to raise three kids, to develop yourself and build a career. In addition, the star tries to be cheerful and not to pay attention to the small troubles that advises its followers.