Child Otar Kushanashvili lit karaoke

Ребенок Отара Кушанашвили зажег в караоке Broadcaster proud of the successes of the charming Daniel. Adorable eight year old boy is growing very moving and musically gifted. Recently the son of a showman struck close people vocal. Relatives of Daniel supported him with applause.

TV presenter Otar Kushanashvili rarely shared with fans details his personal life, preferring to speak about the most resonance events which shocked the public. Recently, however, the showman made an exception and pleased fans by posting a fun video that captured his adorable son Daniel.

The TV star is genuinely proud of the success of an adorable baby. He sang a nursery rhyme under the approving applause of loved ones. Cusanelli admitted that his son is very creative.

“He is otarovich easily wildings intrepid, consistent with its solid (he is eight) years, invades the territory of Joseph Kobzon. It is productive bully, endowed with incredible mental agility and ligaments that help him to be daring, as early I” – shared presenter in his microblog.

We will add that in July last year, Otar Kushanashvili in the eighth time became the father. Wife of the journalist Olga Kurochkina gave him a cute little baby, which he decided to call the Roma – in honor of the deceased brother of the leader. The boy was born in a clinic in Tbilisi, the delivery was easy.

Charming Roma became the third common child pairs. He and Olga also raise two heirs – a son Daniel and a daughter Arina. “In these fierce times, only children make me stronger,” admitted a well-known entertainer.

We also add that in the summer of Otar Kushanashvili will celebrate a birthday. June 22, the TV host turns 47. Cusanelli in advance began to prepare for his holiday. Not long ago, the entertainer has decided to take stock of the social networks. “I learned to look with the eye of Denzel Washington, I know how to be fading in low-level flight with dragonfly, I only partly gray guy on TV who can wear double-breasted jackets, being older than Vladimir Lenin… very hard But I finished the season, and to be so Sammie, like me, is the most effective way to go crazy. In the new season I should be a hundred times stronger, otherwise they will not survive…” – shared by the journalist in the microblog.

Apparently, Otar Kushanashvili has no plans to organize a major celebration. The presenter will celebrate the birthday in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. “The guest list yet, it will be shorter than the name of the channel RBC,” wrote the entertainer in one of his social networks.