ISA Anokhin talked about welcome liposuction

Айза Анохина заговорила о желанной липосакции Designer dissatisfied with her body. According to Anokhina, for many years she wanted to get rid of fat arms. A celebrity is adamant and asks friends and fans no longer to dissuade her.

The star’s Instagram and mother of two children Svetlana Anokhina often shares with followers their feelings. A few hours ago the designer has alarmed thousands of people followers a new post in which he hinted that so hates my hands that I decided to do liposuction.

“My genetics, these huge powerful hands. Play sports with your hands, sitting on a diet – not hand out! Lose weight everywhere, no legs, and butt was gone, but not gone! The second child, the second layer of fat that settled and ordered from the shoulders to the elbow. In Bali in the terrible heat I always got hand! In Moscow it is impossible for me to see with open arms. In 2010 my dream is to do the liposuction! Easy operation to remove fat. Scary? No!” noted celebrity in the microblog.

According to ISA, many people tell her not to go for this procedure, noting that she looks beautiful. However, such support did not help Anokhina. “I’m so tired every night to imagine how I mentally cut myself hated the thick arm. Want something to do for yourself,” shared the woman.

Fans disliked her statement. “Don’t be crazy! You beauty!”, “We need to work on their thoughts, pens and fears!”, “Well done! If you will give more confidence, then do it! After all, you do it for yourself, not for someone!”, “I understand you perfectly. If something got it into his head, until you do, you will go and think about it,” divided the opinions of fans.

Anokhin has informed in the microblog shown how it cares for the skin. The star shared the movie, which traces on the cheeks after one of the treatments. Fans of the ISA was shocked by the result, however, the celebrity said that does not hesitate of the appearance. ISA Anokhina horrified by the consequences of the “beauty shots”

“However, after hundreds of injections I have imperfect skin. I am 32, young, I’m not going, but to look at his face I will more often! The first time took it seriously! And I’m not ashamed to sound just the way you are!” – said the star.