Olga Orlova shares hot photos from the Islands

Ольга Орлова делится жаркими фото с островов The artist pleases fans of candid snapshots. Recently Olga Orlova often publishes spicy stills in microblogging. On them the singer demonstrates the charm of her figure in a bikini.

Less than two months ago, Olga Orlova joined the team of “House-2”, where it took pride of place leading. Woman otpravilas to work in a hot country, where it broadcasts to the whole country, talking about the lives of the participants telestroke. But, besides the interesting details of the project, the beauty also shares with the audience, sobstvenni photos in the social network.

It seems that the blonde does not miss a single opportunity to Shine in a candid way in front of the camera lens. She feels confident and with enviable frequency changes the colors and styles of bikinis. Recently, Olga has published the photograph in a provocative swimsuit Nude. “Have a good day everyone!” – simply signed post artist.

The charm of luxurious forms immediately appreciated by fans of a celebrity. They expressed his admiration for a sports figure of the presenter. In addition, many of them came to the delight of an uninterrupted flow of frames in a spicy account of pet.

“Wow! Olechka! Super!”, “You’re there for sports actively? I am shocked by your toned legs!”, “Great photos! Don’t stop! Such beauty a sin to hide!”, “Well babe! Maybe they’ll make videos of his workouts? Really want the same brilliant shape for the summer! And while only the cakes are works!” “The talented and wonderful Olga! You are the best singer and now presenter!” commented on users of the social network.

However, some of the followers of the star, wondering about the similar frames. They Express their indignation at the fact that the blonde brings a 15-year-old son and puts on display the intimate parts of the body. However, the very eagles it did not bother. A woman tries to be for the heir not only a mom but also a close friend. She trusts him fully and allow yourself to make decisions. So, Olga admitted that the boy is allowed to watch any programs on TV, including “the House-2”. Although, now young men absolutely no time for school.

And about the haters and ill-wishers of the actress is not going through. She was ready for constructive criticism, but not going to give up favorite activities because of someone’s discontent.

“I’m not afraid of convictions. I believe that everyone in the world will not please everyone,” says celebrity.