Екатерина Климова вызвала восторг откровенным снимком в бикини Mother of four children, is striking in its elegance. Ekaterina Klimova has published in the microblog mesmerizing in the swimsuit. She boasted a flat stomach and fit body.

Actress Ekaterina Klimova amazes fans with her figure. Today she has posted a rather bold photo. On the picture you can see that the artist was dressed in a black bikini and went tanning outdoors under the sun. The head she covered a wide-brimmed hat. Followers of the actress was amazed by her flat stomach. Also they were intrigued by the bottom of the swimsuit. They didn’t understand how kept melting on the body, because in the upper part there are large incisions. She Klimov did not leave any comments, and the hashtag “Soon”.

“Figure all figures figure! To all that after giving birth, look!”, “Nature gave Catherine a beauty body and talent! Health!”, “And is mother of four children! Just pretty extraordinary! Envy”, “Wow, gorgeous. Only now I, too, melting intrigued. How are they holding up? It seems that if you stand, they almost and there will be something,” wrote a follower.

A year and a half ago Ekaterina Klimova became a mother for the fourth time. She bore her husband Gela Meskhi adorable daughter Bella. Only recently the couple has ceased to hide the face of the baby, and during the show “Evening Urgant” all over the country showed funny footage of the child. Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi showed daughter live

Fans for a long time please Klimov to share beauty secrets. They are so inspiring trim figure artist and a blooming appearance that they want to follow suit. However, Catherine is in no hurry to reveal all the secrets. She explained his position to the fans.

“My dear, kind, thoughtful, loving. Thank you for your attention. I’m an actress (theater and cinema), not a professional blogger, not a nutritionist, not a therapist and certainly not a medical professional. If you have the desire to work hard, to follow the appearance, to deal with health and style, contact the professionals. I always give the same advice in his interview: we are all different – age, diagnoses and external data! Please be vigilant and don’t be lazy to have your own experience, not blindly follow someone else’s advice. All very individually. Thank you for your trust, always suggest only what you have an idea, but never itself will not listen to anyone except the authorities,” – said Klimov.