ISA Anokhin has to rent an apartment

Айза Анохина вынуждена снимать квартиру The woman told the fans why her family could not finally move into their homes. A young mother very tired due to a busy schedule, and in addition, it is necessary to clean and perform other household chores, which is very difficult, as the ISA is recovering from liposuction.

Businesswoman and designer Svetlana Anokhina manages to catch several cases. Despite the fact that the woman underwent liposuction of the arms and buttocks, she didn’t have to sit at home without moving, and returned to work at the beauty salon, located in the center of Moscow. According to celebrity, she likes to improve themselves and change for the better. ISA Anokhina justified for plastic surgery

No wonder ISA is working so hard, because at the moment she needs a lot of funds to complete the modernization of their homes. The woman admitted that because of this they have to live in a rented apartment.

“How will do your repair, we will brag,” said ISA, responding to comments friends.

Probably, the celebrity decided to improve their living conditions, because after the appearance of the younger son of Elvis, they needed much more space. Anokhin often shares with followers the moments and talks about raising sons. In one of the posts she said that she wanted to get out of the house, however, the condition after plastic surgery did not allow her to overwork themselves. “I was annoyed of all that is not in his place, and with two children, everything is not in place, I slowly cleaned up, each time stating that I need to find a helper around the house. In the end, no one was found, grandmother help us, but today, has done everything,” explained ISA.

Some members are surprised, because the mother of two children did not hesitate to decide on difficult plastic surgery. A number of followers pointed out that the procedure is very expensive, but the celebrity claims that she didn’t care the price. She spared no expense in fulfilling the dream.

“The financial side is the least of my worries. Spend half my life running from myself, half a lifetime do not recognize themselves and are trying to come to that state where I feel comfortable. I had surgery to love yourself harder. Your butt showed that old to love myself more, to accept their complexes, take a step towards spirituality, as if bleak is not memorized along with the word ass! Everyone has their own way,” said ISA.