Anfisa Chekhova almost lost a loved one

Анфиса Чехова едва не потеряла близкого человека Celebrity mom almost died in the devastating hurricane which struck on Monday in Moscow and the Moscow region. According to Anfisa Chekhova, Natalia was outdoors and sunbathing. The woman barely escaped when she had severe wind gusts.
Анфиса Чехова едва не потеряла близкого человека

Yesterday in Moscow and the Moscow region the disaster, which claimed the lives of sixteen people. According to the latest data, the number of victims of the hurricane increased to 170. Residents and guests of the capital were shocked by the strong gusts of wind lifting the trees and demolition of the roofs off houses. Among those who caught the bad weather, were mother and TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova. When I started PE, Natalia relaxing in nature. In the section “Stories” in Instagram Anfisa told more about the incident.

Hurricane in Moscow claimed the lives of more than 10 people

“There was a strong hurricane. My mother, for example, sunbathed and swam for the ring, Yes, despite the weather. It almost filled up the trees, barely even alive I got home,” shared celebrity.

Anfisa herself was not injured in the disaster. When did the hurricane, the TV star was in a tattoo parlor. After completion of the procedure Chekhov went outside and saw his luxury car, littered with branches. The surprise celebrity was not the limit. However, Anfisa reacted calmly to the situation and even found the strength to joke about vehicles, “decorated” trees. “The beauty of how beautifully decorated my car. In fact, I was lucky. A tree could fall on a car… In my youth, I remember the fans so I put roses”, she said.

With the effects of bad weather Anfisa also faced when coming to pick up the son of Solomon from the educational institution. The woman saw on the road, broken trees. “Cool.. How is it?” – asked a celebrity. “Well at least not in the kindergarten”, she added.

We also add that many celebrities expressed condolences to the families of the victims of the hurricane. Among them was Anita Tsoy Evgeniy papunaishvili, Vladimir Solovyov, Irina Dubtsova, Teona Dolnikova, Love Tolkalina, Tatiana Tereshina and many others. The star also supported all the victims of the disaster.

“Let me Express condolences and words of support to all those affected by yesterday’s hurricane in Moscow. P. S. it looks Like the sky is trying to speak to us, but we don’t hear it…” – said Anita Tsoy in his microblog.

In turn, Evgeny papunaishvili called the incident “a terrible tragedy”, and Lyubov Tolkalina offered to pray for the repose of the victims of the emergency. Singer Tatiana Tereshina was amazed at the number of victims and the victims of natural disasters. “It’s like the terrorist attack. The same tragedy for our country”, – said the singer.

Note that according to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, the authorities intend to pay compensation to the families of the victims. According to him, the decision will be made Tuesday at a government meeting.