Pierre Narcisse publicly begs forgiveness from his wife

Пьер Нарцисс публично вымаливает прощение у жены The graduate of “factory of stars” made it clear that he wants to establish a relationship with Valeria Kalacheva. Dionne Warwick spoke for the first time about what had been incorrect with regard to the mother of your child. The actor apologized to the darling, who was planning to divorce him.
Пьер Нарцисс публично вымаливает прощение у жены

This spring, singer of the hit “Chocolate hare” Pierre Nartsiss has appeared in the scandal center. The graduate of “factory of stars” was accused of raping a radio host Marianne Suvorova, and abuse of wife Valerie Kalachevo and daughter Christine-a Carolina. Women claim to Pierre in a live TV show. The narcissist tried not to speak about the resonance of the allegations, and when reporters still managed to get his comment, the actor has made it clear that they are far from reality.

Pierre Narcisse responded to the attacks after the scandal with the rape

Recently, in the microblogging Pierre published an article in which he first spoke about his misconduct. The contractor admitted that he had acted improperly in relation to Valerie Kalachevo. According to the artist, he genuinely worries about a serious quarrel with the chosen one. Narcissus also shared a short video made in Nikolo-Ugreshsky monastery. In this video the singer holds the hand of a woman, apparently Kalachevo.

“I apologize for the God-child Valerie that instead to sort out our lives and grievances, quarrels… I’m so ugly stumbled. The most disgusting. She’s one and only female out of millions and without which I feel so bad, and that I really need,” wrote Narcissus.

Followers of Pierre supported him with likes and encouraging comments. They expressed the hope that the artist will work to regain the trust Valerie. “God willing, things will get better”, “You are such a beautiful couple, I always admired you. Everything in life happens. To destroy all in a moment, but to keep a family not given to everyone. Take care of her! You have such a wonderful daughter, and she loves both of you. You need to be able to forgive and realize their mistakes,” wrote social media users.

We will remind that earlier the wife of the artist Valery Kalachev said about the divorce process with him. According to the woman, she was tired to suffer tricks of the second half. Valeria claims that her husband suffers from alcoholism and not always in control. As said Kalacheva, Narcissus can even raise his hand to a daughter who is experiencing because of the constant quarrels between the parents.

At the same time, Pierre in a conversation with journalists said that Valeria deliberately appealed to the press to attract attention to his person. The actor also said reporters that he never hurt Kristina-Carolina. Over time the singer has apparently changed his mind and decided to establish relations with his wife for the sake of their child.