Irina was diagnosed with severe disease

У Ирины Салтыковой обнаружили тяжелое заболевание
The singer went through a difficult period in life.

Victor and Irina Saltykova

Photo: the frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

The protagonist of the new edition of the show “the Secret in a million” became Viktor Saltykov. The film also introduces his ex-wife Irina. Family life with the ex-spouse has left the singer, not the best memories. The husband drank and was violent towards her and walked left. Marriage to the then popular singer was for Irina one big test. After meeting on set, the former couple staged scandal. They exchanged mutual accusations of lies and betrayals.

“After my divorce, I was crying all the time, couldn’t calm down. It was very difficult. I then buried my father, and 45 days later we got divorced. Such a double blow. However, due Vite I became such a strong person. He shits a lot, and still abuses alcohol. In the web you can find a recent video where he’s drunk is crawling on the stage,” — said Saltykov.

Irina remembered how after her divorce she was diagnosed with cancer. The singer is sure that the disease have developed it on the background of a nervous breakdown. The artist was a very difficult period. She lost a lot of weight and didn’t understand what was going on with her life. For help to her ex-husband she will turn to become. About how was treated Irina refuses to remember, as once and for all shut down this topic.

Saltykov said she is ready to forgive her husband for past grievances that he had ceased to abandon their common daughter — Alice and regained trust with her.